Friday, May 28, 2010

Mobile Upload Overload

I recently figured out how to transfer the pictures from my Blackberry to my computer without having to email them one at a time. Did I mention I've had this phone for over a year now?

I must be getting old.

Anyway - moving all my old pictures from my phone to my computer inspired me to share some funny, interesting and touching moments with you. Rather than hoard these memories in my pocket, here they are for your amusement:

My pregnant belly at 22 weeks. I LOVED being pregnant. I didn't have all the awful side affects you often hear pregnant people complain about. No morning sickness, no swollen ankles, no hemorrhoids. It was wonderful having a perfect, plump belly (which actually made my butt and thighs look smaller) to puff out wherever I went. No more sucking in - I had a great excuse to just let it hang out there. Not to mention the perks of elastic waist bands.

This is Mr. Goo helping me put together Picklebugs crib. IKEA is awesome in that their instructions don't have words - only pictures. Definitely an advantage for a kitteh who can't read.

The Pineapple fountain! I took this picture while on vacation in Charleston with MG, my brother and my mom back in 2008. Mom's cancer had reappeared but it wasn't so bad that she couldn't vacation. So MG and I took used all of our savings to treat my mom to an all expenses paid three day trip to Charleston. And we brought my brother along for comic relief. We had a blast exploring old plantations, taking buggy rides through the city and eating lots of fried seafood.

This is a picture my brother snapped of me, mom and Picklebug (tucked safely in my belly at 5 months). This is the last time I was with my mom while she could still talk. The night this picture was taken she basically went into a coma. She passed away 6 days later.

Okay, remember that cute American Express Commercial that showed picture after picture of random objects that look like they are frowning/smiling? It's one of my favorites since I'm always personifying things. Well, last time we went to Olive Garden, I made this happy guy.

Last Springweekend at the University where I work I spotted this couple. Being 4'11" myself I'm always fascinated by really short people that date really tall people.

This sign, boasting some deep "fired" candy bars was posted outside one of those funnel cake booths at The Great Cleveland County Fair. I'm so proud to call this place my home, y'all. Leave it to Cleveland county to deep fry and candy bar and misspell "fried".
*(If you don't like deep fired candy bars, there is always deep fried Twinkies)*

Last fall we had a terrible problem with spiders outside our condo. And I don't mean little tiny spiders. I mean BIG, HAIRY, WHOOP-ASS spiders. Ugh. So big you could hear them scream when you sucked them up in the vacuum cleaner.

Anyway, one day we came home to find this guy outside our door. I did some research and found out that Praying Mantis actually EAT spiders. So I named this guy Atlantis (the mantis) and he became my hero.

We didn't see many spiders around after this.

Here is a GIGANTIC weed growing inside the fence around my patio. I actually took this picture so I could send it in to the head of the association that owns the property to underline my complaint that the weeds are taking over my flowerbed. The next day this weed had been pulled up - but this was the ONLY weed missing. The rest were still there, laughing at me.

And finally, the key to any good marriage is finding ways to humiliate your pets together. It takes teamwork to pull off a feat like this:

We are taking a family trip to Sparta NC to go visit MG's parents - so I'm sure there will be lots of kerfuffle to report on Monday. Until I return, check out this fun website and have a great weekend!