Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Where is Jen?

I'm in the middle of crazy town.  The new semester is here in full force and it's taking all the free time I have to keep up with it!  I know I haven't posted in 21 days - and for that I'm sorry.  I don't know how you've all been getting through your day without my wit and charm - but somehow I'm sure you are finding other ways to stay busy.

What have I been up to?  Lots of things!

First of all, I've been busy with work.  I'm advising five student groups, organizing four different leadership programs, planning three signature fall events, teaching two classes, and working a new graduate assistant.  So there are lots of syllabi to cover, programs to plan, students to meet with and emails to send.  Which means little to no time to sneak in a good post at work.

Then I come home to feed and clean up after three cats, two adults and one baby.  That's a lot of food and fur.  Not to mention laundry.  So by the time those things are checked off the list I'm ready to check out.  Which isn't exactly conducive to creating good material for your reading pleasure.

But I do have a few good ideas for posts that will hopefully come to fruition over the next week.  There are several aspects of my daily life that I haven't yet shared with you so I'm hoping to find a creative way to introduce some of them here.

In the meantime - feel free to browse some of the other blogs and websites I keep up with in the "Other Stuff I Think is Cool" section - just promise you'll come back and check on me soon.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

10 Things I Honestly Couldn't Make It Through My Day Without:

My Zoloft

I said honestly and I meant it.  Jen without Zoloft is like Hannibal Lecter without the face mask.  I may look calm and collected but you never know when I'm going to snap and eat your face off.

My Victoria's Secret Bra

Nothing supports me like my VS Bra.  Seriously.  Try hoisting around two bowling balls strapped to your chest using a $10 Wal-Mart bra and you'll understand my willingness to pay nearly $50 for this essential wardrobe component.

My Morning Coffee - thanks to my Keruig

My morning coffee is almost as important as my Zoloft.  And I have to give props to my Keruig - it can make a DAMN FINE cuppa coffee in under 30 seconds at the push of a button.

My Family

I wouldn't have a reason to get up in the morning if I didn't have MG and Picklebug. 

My Cat

Where would I be without Mr. Goo?  He makes me laugh, he keeps me warm and he reminds me that unconditional love is a real and true thing.  Even if he does hork up hairballs at 3am.


I'm actually petitioning HR to add her to the list of "benefits" of working at our institution.  Angie keeps me up to date on all the gossip floating around campus and listens to all my dramatic stories.  She always has a crazy (usually animal-related) story to tell and her laugh is absolutely contagious. 

My Rainbows

*I don't have a picture of my Rainbows - so here is another picture of Mr. Goo.

I wear them everywhere and with everything.  Hanging out? Jean skirt, t-shirt & Rainbows.  Going to work? Blue dress, scarf & Rainbows.  Checking the mail?  Yoga pants, tank-top & Rainbows.   I would have worn them at my wedding if my Step mom woulda let me!

My Macbook

My connection to the world around me - best $1500 I ever spent.

Hershey Bars

Does this need an explanation?  I think no.

Bath time

*Even though we bear a striking resemblance - this is actually a picture of Audrey Hepburn - not me - in the bathtub.

The ONLY way to end a long day is a nice hot bath.  With bubbles and a glass of wine.  And maybe a few of Picklebug's bath toys.  It is my little 15 minute gift to myself.

What things do you need in order to make it through your day?