Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Good Days

[This is a long post but I stuck a cute video at the end to make it worth your while!]

So Picklebug is 10 months old and growing and I realize I've done a poor job of keeping the world outside of Farmville, VA updated on his progress.

And after reading over some old posts, I realize I've done a good job of highlighting the difficulties, frustrations and burdens of motherhood - but maybe not such a good job of filling you in on all the perks, pluses and fantastic moments that I get with him every day!

For example, when I walk into a crowded restaurant full of hungry, anxious people, 9 times out of 10 I know I'm going to quickly get a table in the back away from the crowds.

Why?  Because I have a small (sometimes) fussy baby!  They want to serve me away from other patrons and as quickly as possible so they can get me and my bundle of fuss on our way.

I also get doors held open for me (and my big honkin' stroller) on a regular basis and I've even had people in Wal-Mart let me get in front of them at the check-out counter when PB is crying because they feel sorry for me!

MG gets free coffee at the gas station just about every Sunday when he takes PB to pick up the paper.  And you've heard about the tax credit right?  Babies are awesome!

Free stuff and line-breaking aside - PB is a joy for so many other reasons.

Before PB I never would have imagined that I'd be happy to wake up at 7:00 am.  Except that 7:00 am now comes with giggles and coos of a baby who just recently learned to stand up in his crib.  He thinks its funny to hold on to the rail and bounce up and down and call out to us.  Sometimes MG and I lay in bed for a few minutes with big grins on our faces just listening to the cute little baby noises he makes in the morning.

On the weekends MG and I spend the morning drinking coffee, clipping coupons and watching PB explore the living room.  It's especially fun now that PB is older and more entertaining.  He started "crawling" a week ago and while he looks like a crippled spider - he still manages to get from one location to another pretty quickly.  He hobbles his way around the room reaching out for just about anything he isn't supposed to play with (the ceramic coasters from Mexico, the mug of boiling hot coffee, the tiny nob on the door stop, the pile of shoes next to the door, the wad of cat fur Mr. Goo left on the carpet...).  So we have fun chasing him around and trying and distract him with baby toys.

[Let me take a moment to say that if toy companies were smart they would come out with a line of baby toys that look EXACTLY like real life objects.  It's like baby's see colorful toys and are like, "yeah right!" and then go for the real thing - TV remotes, cell phones, MacBook - they aren't stupid.  They know the difference between a giant rainbow colored squeaking baby toys and a $1200 computer.  So yeah, Fisher Price, get on that would ya?]

PB is also down to nursing only in the evening - which means I've had to learn how to give him a bottle.  And few things compare to lounging on the couch with a 10 month old watching Wild Kingdom while he takes his afternoon bottle.  He basically feeds himself (which, for a mom who's been breast feeding for almost a year is a sight to behold) but he likes to be cuddled while he's doing it.  So he snuggles up in my lap, holds onto his bottle, and watches baby elephants play in the jungle. But every few minutes he stops and looks up at me with a grin.

He can't talk yet - but if he could I think he would say "Hey mom.  I love ya.  Thanks for letting me watch TV.  I'll have a fresh poop for you in 10 minutes."

I've also come to realize that PB is quite smart.  I show him something once and he picks up on it right away.  He has a toy that you put a little ball in a hole at the top and it rolls down a shoot hitting buttons and making noise.  I showed him how to put the ball in the hole at the top ONCE and immediately he started doing it on his own.  Even after three or four days of not playing with it he remembers how to do it!  He can roll a ball back and forth, feed a stuffed animal and will even clap his hands when we sing "B-I-N-G-O"!

Although, we're still working on how to pet Mr. Goo "gently".

And the best part of 10 month old Picklebug?

At 7:45, after his bath and 8 rounds of "Wheels on the Bus", I put him on my lap, nurse him and sing "Away in the Manger" while he reaches up to pat my cheek or stroke my hair.  He doesn't fall asleep but he lays there close to me and makes little "humming" noises.  Then I pick him up, kiss him and lay him down in his crib.  I cover him up with his favorite blanket (thanks Mrs. Wortman!) and I quietly leave the room.

And he goes to sleep.

Night after night.  He never makes a peep.  He just goes to sleep.  No fussing, no crying.  Just sleep.

He sleeps all night until 7:00 am, when he wakes up a happy baby ready for another day of adventure.

And I wake up a happy mommy, ready, and thankful, for another day with my sweet boy.



  1. I'm totally with you on the toys that look like real objects. Particularly a laptop that looked real. Why can't they make a toy laptop that looks just like an adult laptop (black and grey, normal size keys, etc.) but just makes sounds and changes the picture on the screen when you push buttons? Oh, and it should be sturdier than normal laptops so it can survive being dropped on the floor daily.

    Also, I think Owen needs to come teach Ric how to sleep at night. We have no problems at bedtime - he goes right to sleep with no fussing - but he wakes up 1-2 times on a GOOD night. If he's sick, or teething, or having a growth spurt, then it's like every hour or two. *sigh*

  2. Oh Jen! Please teach me or my baby how to go to sleep...it was so easy with our oldest, but this child won't sleep!!!! AHHHHHHHH!